Home and Office Surveillance

Surveillance is an essential requirement in the complete security plan. It involves monitoring the movement of people, machinery, goods and supplies. Many organizations focus on security posts, production areas and sales points. A good system should leverage on existing infrastructure as much as possible, be difficult to interrupt, be rapidly to install and replace, have consistently high signal quality, and be easy to manage.

How Does Video Surveillance Works

A DVR is the recording device which stores all the images onto internal Hard Drives for CCTV cameras and view on a display. Recordings can be played back from all the cameras or one at a time. A user can go back to any time in the recording and playback a recording in a matter of seconds. The recorded images can be stored to hard drives or CDs and archived for as long as necessary. The DVRs can be controlled, viewed to recording can be played back over the Internet using an Internet Browser or a Client software. This allows you to view your premises from anywhere in the world, additionally, any optional PTZ cameras can be controlled remotely, over the internet.